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Techverge provide its customer’s complete assurance of quality services, at the end of every call our representative provides reference number / case number for future communication. We also provide Antivirus support, printer support, peripheral support and third party applications support. For a free computer diagnostic and customized plans call our toll free +1-800-980-4784.

As printer is an external device which usually doesn’t come with your computer and you may face some problems while installing or using it. Common faced issues are – connectivity problem, driver problem, hardware error, paper jams, print cancellation etc. We Techverge provides assistance for all your queries/problems related to any kind of printer. For printer support call 1-800-980-4784.

Don’t worry about problems related to your router. We at Techverge provide assistance to your entire issues and provide 100% satisfaction service by our trained and well experienced professionals to give you our best. We provide assistance through Online chats, Emails, Remote session and over calls. All changes made to your computer and remote session is done by your due permission.

Online Router Support by Techverge, call toll free 1-800-980-4784

Our service features:

  • Diagnostics and repair of any hardware and software related issues.
  • Router not working.
  • Configure your new router to your computer.
  • Installing or updating router drivers.
  • Troubleshoot firewall issues with your router.
  • Diagnostics and solving any router firewall problems.
  • Creating wireless access points.

Techverge provide its customer’s complete assurance of quality services, at the end of every call our representative provides reference number / case number for future communication. We also provide Antivirus support, printer support, peripheral support and third party applications support. For a free computer diagnostic and customized plans call our toll free 1-800-980-4784.

We at TechVerge provide round the year tech support for your entire virus related problems and issues. Our team of highly qualified technicians gives you complete antivirus solutions and support that will make your PC usage experience smooth and of high quality.

Antivirus Support:

  • Installation of antivirus
  • Settings for scan time & type
  • Settings for virus removal
  • Updating settings
  • Compatibility check with the PC operating system
  • Settings for error updates
  • Support in scan and virus removal procedure
  • Troubleshooting any issues and errors with usage etc.

So no more waiting when your PC performance goes down and your daily tasks are getting delayed due to virus issues in your computer system. Give us a chance today and you won’t regret it. We are not just about talking and making promises. For us customer is the king and thus we toil to work relentlessly towards ensuring high quality of work and superior level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, once you are with us you can just relax while we take care of all the virus problems in your PC in the best of manner.

Call +1-855-373-7555 now to avail full online Antivirus Support

re you looking for Online spyware removal support, don’t worry you are at the right place, TechVerge instant spyware removal support to resolve your virus or spyware problems online, over the call or through remote sessions.

Benefits of Internet are increasing rapidly, one can pay bills, money transfer, internet banking and much more by just one click. While using these features you share your personal information on internet which you don’t want to share with anyone. Some people known as cyber criminals create software such as spyware which is capable enough to steal all your personal information and data from your computer which can be used against you. TechVerge offers Spyware support for better spyware protection. Call our toll free 1-800-980-4784

To protect your computer from spyware, installation of Antivirus on your machine is required. Antivirus software company providers provide you a tool named Anti- Spyware Protection which remains active round the clock and protects your machine from spying. TechVerge provides Anti-spyware tools, Antivirus packages to protect your computer. We provide assistance through online chats, mails, remote sessions, over the call from our best and well experienced executives. For a free computer diagnostic and customized plans call our toll free 1-800-980-4784.

We at TechVerge provide instant Virus support over any platform, over the call or through remote sessions. While using Internet you share or store your valuable information on your machine or network. Protection of such information from unauthorized access is utmost importance. Antivirus is the solution for your PC security. By using Antivirus software your valuable data stays in safe hands. Antivirus software protects your valuable Data, Information from bugs, viruses, Hackers and provides total protection.

TechVerge offers professional support for all such computer security issues and protects your valuable information and data from online threats caused by dreadful viruses like Trojan, Zombie, Mist-fall etc and enable you to have a happy and secure surfing. For a free computer diagnostic and customized plans call our toll free 1-888-980-4784.

For  Virus removal support call Toll Free+1-855-373-7555.

In the revolution of digital world from Mainframe computers to super computers performance of computer is increasing day by day. After every short interval of time more advanced and faster computers are introduced. But at user end when these machines are used many problems are created by user itself or by Hardware/Software problem which result in slowdown of your machine and sometimes system hang occur. We at TechVerge feel glad to support any problem related to slow PC from our best and well experienced professionals.

We provide solution for all kind of slow computer reasons such as Hardware problem, Software problem, Virus problem etc. TechVerge also provide Antivirus packages and their support 12X7. For a free computer diagnostic and customized plans call our toll free 1-800-980-4784.

TechVerge provides support for all slow PC and system hang related problems.

 Fix Slow PC, call toll free and get instant support 1-800-980-4784

E-mail has changed the entire concept of communication and now the world seems like an area without boundaries. Today email has become an easiest & best source for communication not only for business correspondence but also for personal use. Outlook.com is a cloud email service by Microsoft which is used by millions of peoples for communication purpose. It has various features such as you can manage your multiple email accounts within a mouse click, Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, note taking, a journal, web browsing and many more. Many people save their important & confidential data in email for future reference, which they don’t want to lose it. Once you lose your data it can create huge problems for you, therefore the safety of your emails is very important. For Instant Support for Outlook.com call : 1-800-980-4784.

TechVerge understands your problems & the importance of your email. We make sure your email is always there so that you can use it again for your future work. Our certified experts can solve all types of outlook.com problems. We provide 12/7 online outlook.com tech support, so you need not to worry, just sit at home and call us any time at our Microsoft Outlook.com help number and get instant help from certified experts.

Our Support For Outlook.com  includes:

Top solutions

  • Work with folders
  • Spell check
  • Print an email
  • Sign in / sign out
  • Reply all or forward


  • Account temporarily blocked
  • Restore deleted email messages
  • Errors sending or receiving email
  • Restore deleted contacts

Get to know Outlook.com

  • Outlook.com tips
  • Contact list management
  • Attach a file
  • Share files with Sky Drive in Outlook.com
  • Active Views in my inbox
  • Skype with family and friends
  • Clean, clutter-free inbox
  • Best browsers for Outlook.com

Set up your email accounts

  • Mobile
  • Use aliases to add email addresses to your account
  • Add a Gmail account
  • Add a POP account
  • Import email from a desktop app
  • Other Microsoft accounts
  • Set up an email app
  • Add Outlook.com to Office Outlook


  • Calendar basics
  • Import or subscribe to a calendar
  • Share calendars
  • Add holiday or lunar calendars
  • Add birthdays to your calendar

Help keep your account safe

  • Keep your stuff private
  • Dealing with abuse, phishing, or spam
  • Help protect your account

People (contacts)

  • Contact list management
  • Restore deleted contacts
  • Where are my contacts?


  • Connect your social networks to Outlook.com
  • Add friends from Facebook and other social networks
  • Manage your Twitter content in Outlook.com
  • Manage your Facebook content in Outlook.com

If you are having any Microsoft Outlook problems, call us at our Microsoft Outlook help number 1-800-980-4784  for online outlook.com chat support by certified experts.

Online Tech Support For Outlook.com

TechVerge provides complete outlook.com support & help services for all versions of Microsoft Outlook applications. Our online Outlook.com technical support services are available through various means including:

  • Outlook.com Phone support
  • Outlook.com chat support
  • Outlook.com web support
  • Outlook.com email support
  • Outlook.com toll free support

Call 1-800-980-4784 now & get dedicated support for outlook.com

We provide online remote technical support services for Microsoft Office. We support all versions of Office products including Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2000 and others. Our team of certified experts can help you in troubleshooting any problem or error that you may be experiencing with Microsoft Office products.

Our technical professionals can assist you to:

  • Setup and install Microsoft Office
  • Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office and service packs
  • Upgrade and update Microsoft Office to latest versions
  • Troubleshoot and fix errors with Microsoft Office applications
  • Recover your Microsoft Office applications
  • Restore missing files, folders and other important data in Microsoft Office
  • Customize Microsoft Office settings

Our certified technicians can help in resolving a variety of problems that you may be encountering in Microsoft office. Some of the Microsoft Office issues resolved by us include

  • Troubleshooting and fixing error messages
  • Solving issues related to crashes, no response or application not starting
  • Resolving compatibility issues
  • Support for issues related to Excel formulas, functions, tools, tables & macros
  • Solving issues with PowerPoint slides, presentations, effects and settings
  • Fixing problems in Office Outlook mails, calendar, address book, folders or tasks
  • Any other Microsoft Office issue

Microsoft Office Support Process:

At TechVerge we provide remote technical support for troubleshooting and fixing errors in Microsoft Office. we have a dedicated support for Microsoft Office. Our certified experts can solve all types of problems with Microsoft Office through phone, chat, web and email.

Instant Support For Microsoft Office provided by our trained professionals. Call: 1-800-980-4784

Benefits TechVerge

Qualified technicians

High quality software support

Toll Free access, email and live chat support

Availability is 24×7, 365 days a year

Pocket friendly subscription plans to choose from

Secured payment gateway

Compliant work procedures


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